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Dear Sirs:

This is Francisco Escudero from REGE IMPEX Import Export SAC, from Lima, Peru; our company is dedicated to export agro industrial products, where stands out our Pisco: PERUVIAN BRANDY GRAPE 100% (Brandy Péruvien au Raisin), Pisco, is a national flag beverage with Origin Denomination, it is a result of the "fresh grape juice" fermentation, destilated in discontinuous stills, obtaining the alcohol grade GL in a natural way without adding sugar, alcohol or water, which is a unique system in the world with this particularity 100% pure grape.

with our two marks: Pisco Casta del Inka Acholado ( mix of aromatic and non aromatic Pisco grapes) and Pisco Huamani Pure Quebranta (quebranta grape is one of the characterist non aromatic pisco grape) we have achieve to enter to important markets as: Belgium, Swiss, Norway, Colombia, Chile, and USA, now, we are almost closing negotiations with new markets as France, Poland and Germany.

one of the principal characteristics of this spirit beverage, is with no doubt the capacity of drinking it pure and the possibility to mix it with fruits, sodas, liquors, brandies, and creams in cocktails any time and circumstances: aperitif, refreshing, energizers, aphrodisiac, virgin or nutritive which has taken our flag beverage to ge important recognition and international awards in Brusselas, Paris and Frankfurt.

At the same time, our expert professionals staff are in charge of developing food "gourmet" 100% natural products, using fruits and peruvian food supplies, without preservatives, flavorings and no artificial colors. our compromise and responsability are to protect the enviroment and especial care in the social aspect of the whole production line, so we have acchieved to put products for the world like:

 Extra virgin Sacha Inchi’s Oil with Omega 3 to 48%: I'ts a vegetal oil, obtained from a seed cold pressed , of the peruvian amazony; the Sacha Inchi is one of the vegetal source that contains great amount of Omega, a fat acid essential for human being live. it contains Omega 3 (48% - 58%), Omega 6 (36%), Omega 9 (9%), proteins (33%) and antioxidants (50%). its consumption gives energy to the brain, cleans bloodstream and takes nutrients to cells.

 Sacha Inchi Snack’s : the Sacha Inchi seed is covered with four varieties: with chili, with cheese, natural toasted and candied.

 Tapenades-Spreads ( Tartinades) : Made with selected food supplies and high quality standards, perfect for appetizers with bread or toasts, entries or with crepes and pastas among others; in their varieties: grilled vegetables, artichokes with palms, artichokes with grilled pepper, capprese, antipasta, rocoto chili grilled, black olive and glazed carrot and yellow grilled chili.

 Vinaigrettes: our exclusive and innovative receipts, give our vinaigrettes and sauces, sophisticated flavours and textures, highly compatibles with different expressions of international cousine. to make them, we use fresh fruit pulp mixed with variety oils, which gave them an original and unique flavours as: pear and ginger, white wine and passion fruit, grilled papaya, soothing elder, mangoe and cilantro, grilled mangoe.

 Peruvian Gastronomy-Peruvian Taste: our delicious sauces are inspirated in the most famous receipts of the traditional peruvian cousine: salted steak, dried, cau cau and pickling brine. they are ready to serve and they can be used as supplements of steaks, birds, fishes and shellfishs. they are pasteurized sauces, 100% natural and with no preservatives, the preffer ones are: salted steaks, dried beef, cau cau and pickling brines.

 Mousses: our variety of mousses are and exquisite option to delight the more demanding palates. we make these delicious and craftwork recipes with high quality food supplies and careful production that preserve all the flavour and nutritional value of their ingredients. they are really gourmet delicately: pepper with fine herbs, mushrooms, white onions with fine herbs.

 Pure Jam of tropical fruits: made with the best production and packing standards, our delicious marmalades proserve the natural properties of fruits as they are prepared as home made receipts: flavours as aguaymanto, soursop, eggfruit, elder, passion fruit and camu .

 Garlics in Olive oil with Rocoto Chilli and pepper ends: exquisite delicious gourmet for the most demanding palates.

 Dried Pears: our pears, named in our country as "water pears" as they are very juicy, we use a dehydration proccess to make this delicious fruit a "Snack".

 Chilli Sauces: strictly selected within more than 3000 varieties that exist in Perú, we are pleased to supply three different sauces to our clients: Rocoto Chili, Yellow Chili and Huacatay Chili, all of them mixed with cheese

 Peru Maca Nectar: the unique and first 100% natural energetic beverage, made with Maca and fruits pulp. among the principal ingredients we can find: fresh Maca pulp, Carrots, apple and passion fruit, maca honey, preservative (E-202), stabilizer-CMC and acid citric. nutritional studies done to the maca shows that it contains: proteins, essential aminoacids, carbohidrats, fibers, vitamins (B1, B2,B6....), minerals as Iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium. the nutritional benefits of this andean root have been considered in medical studies, where it has been proven its nutritive actions in anemia, improve growing (in aminals), and energetic properties and anti-stress

 Maca Flour( Lepidium Peruvianun) in three presentations, raw, gelatin and toasted. the maca is a peruvian root that grows in the centran andes of Peru, it grows between 3800 and 4500 meters above the sea level, its cientific name is "lepidium Peruvianum". we can find in its composition: proteins, fats, fiber, cabohidrats, energetics, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids and other benefitial elements good for health.

Your datas were given to us by our embassy as principal importers of these line of products in your country, it is our interest to enter to get in contact with your company, in orther to stablish bussines that let us introduce and develop our product in such an important market. To that effect, we are enclosing a presentation of our piscos, and we invite you to visit our web site, waiting for your prompt reply,

best regards,

REGE IMPEX Import Export SAC

Francisco Escudero

Export Import Manager

Simon Salguero 233 Lima 33-PERU

Movil Ph: 51-99400-4543

Nextel Radio: 51*400*4543

Vistas: 276


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